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Shell Rimula R3+ Energised Protection oils use proven lubricant chemistry that adapts to your driving needs to provide extra protection whatever the demands of your engine or equipment.  Featuring an active detergent system to keep pistons and other engine parts clean, it provides extra protection against deposits for efficient engine performance.

The Energised Protection of Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oils works relentlessly in three critical areas:

  1. Acid control – well-proven performance additives help to protect against corrosion from acids formed as fuel burns.
  2. Deposit control – helps keeps engine clean for consistent performance and long life.
  3. Wear control – keeps moving metal engine surfaces apart for long engine life.

Protective power

The extra performance formulation of Shell Rimula R3+ provides the extra protection needed in more severe duty and turbocharged engine applications.

Extra Deposit Control

To deliver extra protection, Shell Rimula R3+ is formulated with up to 25% more deposit control components compared to basic quality API CF oils.

Should you use Rimula R3+ oils?

Shell Rimula R3+ is suitable for use in many medium and heavy duty trucking operations where turbo and non-turbocharged engines are used. Approved for use by Mercedes-Benz and MAN for older turbocharged engines.

Shell Rimula R3+ is suitable for use in older turbo and non-turbocharged engines found in city bus applications, particularly vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and MAN.

Shell Rimula R3+ oils may be used in both engine and certain transmission and hydraulic applications in off-highway construction and agricultural equipment.

To find the right oil for your vehicle quickly and easily, try our Shell LubeMatch tool.

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