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Shell Rimula R6 LM (CK-4) delivers new levels of protection, performance and savings.

You need your engine to work reliably and efficiently. You also want to protect the performance of your exhaust emissions to comply with legislative requirements.

Shell Rimula R6 LM is designed to meet these challenges. Dynamic Protection Plus Technology combines with synthetic base oil technology and our Adaptive Additive Technology to provide exceptional wear and cleanliness performance. What’s more, Shell Rimula R6 LM will cut your maintenance costs by enhancing viscosity and oxidation control, preventing deposit build-up and protecting against wear.

Excellent diesel particulate filter (DPF) protection

Reduce vehicle downtime by reducing the amount of ash accumulation; it demonstrated up to 56% reduction in ash accumulation compared with high ash oil.

Superior oxidation control

Demonstrated low oil thickening due to outstanding oxidation control in the most severe oxidation engine test in the industry.

Exceptional piston cleanliness

Provides outstanding piston cleanliness and sludge control. This has been proven in stringent engine tests such as Caterpillar 1N (CK-4) and OM 501 LA (MB 228.51). It demonstrated no top land heavy carbon and 80% less top groove deposits in the pistons, showcasing 33% improved cleanliness.

Strong resistance to deposit build-up

Excellent deposit control in the severe Caterpillar C13 engine test.

Excellent wear protection

The unique Dynamic Protection Plus formulation protects engines against oil-starvation and wear on low temperature start-up (40% faster than conventional 15W-40 oils). In addition, this formulation ensures that the oil keeps flowing through the filter, even when loaded with soot and contaminants (75% better than requirements). This provides excellent wear protection in a range of engines.

Robust shear stability

Remains well within grade as an SAE 10W-40 even under the more severe limits, losing only about 5% viscosity under high shear conditions Pure Plus technology helps reduce oil consumption and thickening in the engine.

Excellent aeration control

Outperformed the API CK-4 limit in Caterpillar Oil Aeration Test (COAT).

API CK-4: CK-4/CJ-4; ACEA: E9/ E7-16; JASO: DH-2-17; CATERPILLAR: ECF-3/ ECF-2; CUMMINS: CES 20086/ CES 20081; DETROIT DIESEL: DFS 93K222/93K218; DEUTZ: DQC lll-10 LA; MACK: EOS-4.5/ EO-O PP PLUS; VOLVO: VDS-4.5/VDS-4; MB:228.51; MAN: M3477; MTU: CAT 3.1, RENAULT: RLD-4 / RLD-3; SCANIA: Low Ash

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