Shell Rimula Light Duty Range LD4

Shell Rimula Light Duty Range protects your engine against the common challenges of urban driving.

Shell Rimula LD4 offers Dynamic Protection Technology which contains a base oil with a high quality additive package. It works to protect against engine wear, oil oxidation and deposit build-up, commonly found in vehicles in urban driving conditions like stop/start, high idle engine running and variable loads.

Our Shell Rimula LD series comes in 7.5L pails will adequately serve a single oil-drain change for many of the vehicles in the category.

Shell Rimula LD4 benefits from:

  • 30% better wear protection1
  • 36% less carbon deposits2
  • Dynamic Protection Technology
  1. % relative to API and ACEA engine oil specification limits in a key engine test, selected to be representative across multiple engines.
  2. Compared with Cummins ISM Sludge Rating and Caterpillar 1P* requirements.

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