Shell Rimula Light Dut LD5

Shell Rimula Light Duty Range protects your engine against the common challenges of urban driving.

Shell Rimula LD5 synthetic oils are developed with cutting edge Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. It works to protect against engine wear, oil oxidation and deposit build-up commonly found in vehicles in urban driving conditions like stop/ start, high idle engine running and variable loads. 

Shell Rimula LD5 benefits from:

  • Up to 57% Better Wear Protection1
  • Up to 50% Less Carbon Deposits 2
  • Up to 76% improved viscosity control3
  1. In one of the most severe ring/ liner wear test Mock T-12 EGR, Shell Rimula Light Duty LD5 Low Ash demonstrated 57% better ring wear protection against API CK-4 limits
  2. As demonstrated in the caterpillar 1N Engine test, against the CK-4 limit
  3. In the Volvo T-13 test, Shell Rimula Light Duty LD5 Low Ash demonstrated up to 76% improved viscosity control compared with the API CK-4 limit.

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