Inside #StationStories

#StationStories- Mr. & Mrs. Mohd. Yusaini

Mohd Yusaini and his wife share a passion for riding motorbikes. Find out what riding means to them.

#StationStories- Stephen

Stephen has a heart condition. Despite that, he has a positive outlook towards life.

#StationStories - Mahirah

Mahirah shares her thoughts on being a Malaysian.

#StationStories- Mohd Rani & Siti Zubaidah

This year, Mohd Rani & Siti Zubaidah will celebrate Hari Raya as a married couple. It's a double celebration as they're also expecting a child.

#StationStories – Rasyidah & Zakiah

Rasyidah & Zakiah are biotechnology students. They met at university and have been best friends ever since.

#StationStories – Navind

Meet Navind and his "wife", a yellow 1960's Volkswagen Beetle. He tells us about his close bond with his car.

#StationStories – Danni and Hisyam

It’s report card day! Despite a busy schedule, Danni wants the best for his younger brother Hisyam.

#StationStories – Fred and Karen

Fred and Karen created the Malaysia Women Marathon to empower women, and encourage them to take up the sport.

#StationStories – Manogaran

Manogaran moved back to his hometown to care for his mother. He shares his story and reveals his secret to happiness.

#StationStories – Helen

Helen's mission is to inspire the youth to improve on their Bahasa Malaysia language skills.

#StationStories – Luisa

Luisa runs family enrichment programmes with her husband, using a Shell site as her office.

#StationStories – Marzuah

The one thing that connects them all is the answer to the single question 'Where are you going?'

#StationStories – Awi and family

Awi visits the station regularly with his kids for fresh juices.

#StationStories – Khayrul and Rosneh

Husband and wife, Khayrul and Rosneh tell us about how they first met and what it takes for their marriage to work.

#StationStories - Norlia

Norlia aims to be the best retailer in the world.

#StationStories – Lay Kwan

Lay Kwan shares with us his life story.

#StationStories - Siti and Rofida

Siti and Rofida are best friends. Siti is almost 7 months pregnant. They talk about friendship and the possible name of the baby.

#StationStories - Badrulsham

Badrulsham stops at Shell as part of his daily routine and tells us about his old Volvo.

Siah standing in front of a Shell station



“I am working as a mortgage consultant, so I travel a lot by car. But my ambition is to become a singer. My mother was a singer too. Maybe I’ll take a long leave from work, so I can join a singing competition. I’ll show my best side to the audience and the judges.”


Halmi and family at a Shell station

Halmi and Family

“We are on our way to fetch my mother and bring her to our house for the holidays. We stop here quite often, to refuel or to pump up the tires. We have been married 21 years. The secret of a good marriage is that you keep talking. You take into account each other’s feelings. Love is about your heart, which is more than just love. You love your children and your family. Being in love is more, it’s deeper. That’s why we’ve been together for so long already.”

Nadarajoo at a Shell station


“I start every morning at 5am in my garden. There, I grow flowers and vegetables. I quit my work in construction after a stroke. Working in my garden gives me peace. Nowadays, I live a healthy life. My body is healthy. I love life and want to be 100 years old. So I can help other people.“

Rong Jiang inside a Deli2Go

Rong Jiang

“Since I started working next door about one and a half years ago, I have stopped here almost every day, for a quick breakfast at Deli2Go. The staff are really friendly. My hobby is running. I started with short distances, a few years ago. I learned to push away my mental blocks, so now I can do marathons as well. That also helps me with my job, I know I can push my limits.”

Chadram at a Shell station


“I come a lot to this Shell station. It is nearby, so I fill up my car here very often. Last year I was in India. I learned many things there. I believe there is much to think about in the world. Most important is that everybody must be doing good things. It’s that easy. Do good. Live good.”

Ahalad and his daughter at a Shell station


“I work as an assistant in a library. I’m organising activities for children during school holidays. Children like to play and are very creative. My advice to other parents is to just sometimes let a kid do what he or she wants to do. Even when they make mistakes. Let them live, and take care of them. Kids are your legacy. So love them.”