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As part of our sustainable efforts towards creating a greener future, Shell has collaborated with Arus Oil to encourage consumers to recycle their used cooking oil (UCO). Our collective initiative aims to make recycling UCOs as accessible and simple as possible with Shell serving as a collection point between the consumer and Arus Oil. We do this with the purpose of creating a sustainable, clean environment, and socially conscious community.

With this initiative, we aim to raise awareness on the detrimental effects of pouring away UCOs while educating consumers on what they can do to help reduce UCO wastage.

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Arus Oil

Since its inception in 2017, Arus Oil started as a pilot project for the collection of used cooking oil in the SS14 community. Today, they have further developed into a cooking oil recycling platform that offers collection services for used cooking oil from individuals, households or restaurants.

Arus Oil’s mission hits close to home as we are constantly striving to provide communities with access to sustainable ways of living. In the face of depleting sources of non-renewable energy, Shell strongly believes in continuing our efforts in supporting Arus Oil.

Recycling UCOs can significantly slow down the depletion of non-renewable energy by converting it into biodiesel (a cleaner source of energy with low carbon emissions) that powers industrial vehicles and machines.

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The problem with disposing used cooking oil (UCO)

The average Malaysian consumes approximately 1kg of cooking oil a month. This equals 12kgs a year for one person. Multiply it by the population of Malaysia today, and that number becomes concerning. Studies show that only 25% of cooking oil is absorbed by food. The remaining 75% of cooking oil is usually poured down to the sink or reused until it’s dry.

While it may be common practice to discard used cooking oil down the drain, this actually leads to many health and environmental issues:

  1. It clogs up your drains and pipes
  2. It attracts pests
  3. It leads to water pollution that eventually harms aquatic ecosystems

The infographic shows 3 steps how to recycle your used cooking oil at home

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    Store Up

    Let used cooking oil (UCO) cool then pour into shatterproof container

  • Arus oil

    Sign Up

    Download the Arus Oil app and sign up

  • Arus oil

    Pick Up

    Set an appointment through the Arus Oil app and an authorised Arus Oil collector will collect the UCO at your doorstep

Find out more about how you can start recycling your used cooking oil here: