SD Grants 2017 – Weaving Hope for the Future, Rh Gareh.

The 2018 Sustainable Development Grants were awarded to the following recipients and projects:

Organisation (Project Area) Project Summary
Symbiosis Consulting
(Pulau Gaya, Sabah)
To understand the challenges of our neighbouring artisanal fishing communities, a baseline community profile was conducted, with the aims of introducing sustainable livelihoods to them.

The Tuyang Initiative

(Telang Usan, Sarawak)

Empowering traditional Orang Ulu artisans to develop learning syllabuses to preserve their priceless cultural traditions, and introduce a new means of income generation.

1Stop Borneo Wildlife

(Tawau, Sabah)

Develop a slow loris rehabilitation center to support wildlife rescue efforts for species endemic to Borneo, and train reformed poachers into future guides.


(Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur)

Shell Malaysia contributed to the ‘River Of Life’ project through our long-term partnership with EcoKnights.

Ai Brique Engineering

(Sibuti, Sarawak)

Using engineering processes to improve on current fishing practices, this project aims to encourage artisanal fishermen to subscribe to ethical and sustainable fishing practices. 

Binturong Alam Ventures

(Papar, Sabah)

A structured engagement programme in partnership with the Marine Police, PDRM, and Department of Fisheries to enable coastal fishing communities a better quality of life.