Founded in 2005 as a registered not-for-profit environmental organisation, EcoKnights serves the needs of all stakeholders towards mainstreaming sustainable development in Malaysia. The main four pillars of their operations consist of Outreach, Education, Eco-nomy, and Recruitment & Partnership.

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PACOS Trust is a community-based organisation dedicated towards supporting indigenous communities in Sabah. Since 1987, they have been actively involved in empowering indigenous communities through systematic building and strengthening community organisations to act on their own. Some of their key activities include Socio-Economic Development, and Community Organising Training.

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Piasau Nature Reserve

Situated on the site of Sarawak Shell Berhad’s former Piasau Camp, the entire area was gazetted on the 31st of December 2013, to be turned into a nature reserve. The site is now not only a haven for Mirians to take a stroll in nature but also a natural site for birding enthusiasts. On a good day you may even meet the resident hornbill lovebirds, Jimmy and Juliet.

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Malaysian Nature Society

The Malaysian Nature Society has branches throughout Malaysia, with the vision of effectively protecting, manage, and conserve Malaysia’s natural heritage and rich biological diversity. They do this through volunteer members and centers such as the Kuala Selangor National Park and the Nature Education Center.

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LEAP Spiral

LEAP has worked successfully since 2004 to increase transparency, build local conservation capacity, develop effective and inclusive conservation partnerships to protect and restore Sabah’s remaining forests and wildlife populations. The results of their work include community-based conservation initiatives, restoration of heavily degraded lowland forests, and even the establishment of a biobank to finance long-term restoration of 34,000 hectares of Orang Utan habitat.

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Tonibung which is short for Friends of Village Development (TObpinai NIngkoton koBUruon kampuNG), is an indigenous-led, non-profit group that develops sustainable alternatives for rural electrification while advocating for native rights and supporting local entrepreneurship and innovation across South East Asia. They accomplish this through their Center for Renewable Energy & Appropriate Technology (CREATE) that is based out of Penampang, Sabah.

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