The goal of Shell Malaysia’s road safety programme is to contribute towards improved road safety behaviours to result in a reduction of collisions, deaths and serious injuries due to road crashes amongst targeted communities / groups.

School children holding shell safety signs for #shellselamatsampai


Beginning in 1957, Shell Malaysia has been a strong advocate for the improvement of road safety culture amongst Malaysians through the Shell Traffic Games. Given the change in society over time, Shell Malaysia has decided to introduce a new campaign that is robust, more impactful and targeted at the appropriate audiences; the ‘Shell Road Safety Movement’.

The Shell Road Safety Movement will promote positive attitudes towards road safety in 3 main segments:

  • Secondary Schools
  • Universities / Colleges
  • Communities

The focus for secondary school students will revolve around students on bicycles and motorcycles and their behaviours as they commute to and from school.

In universities and colleges, emphasis will be drawn to the usage of seat belts and mobile phones while driving as well as the lack of proper maintenance of their respective vehicles.

Where communities are concerned, the aim is to inculcate positive attitudes and a deeper commitment towards road safety in their vicinity. This will involve the cooperation of Residents’ Associations, local authorities and the local Shell Fuelling Station.

With this in mind, the Shell Road Safety Movement intends to make communities close to our schools, colleges, fuelling stations and neighbourhoods, a Shell Safety Zone.

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Shell Traffic Games vintage circa 1960s

Shell Traffic Games

Once a major educational tool in road safety awareness for the young in Malaysia, the Shell Traffic Games now stands as a testament to Shell Malaysia’s commitment towards the safety of road users.

Launched in 1957, the Shell Traffic Games, was held annually in partnership with the Road Safety Council (Majlis Keselamatan Jalan Raya) and various government agencies like the police, education departments, road transport department and local authorities as well as auxiliary bodies. 

The Shell Traffic Games were conducted on a specially equipped site in a safe location using pedal cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Since its inception, more than a million young Malaysian road users have taken part in the games.

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