Winners of #MyGeekMovement 2019
School Project Name Team Name Team Members

SMK Bintulu, Sarawak


Techie Monkey

Darren Lee Hua Ee

Isaac Yong Wei Onn

Wendy Lim Yii Ann


SMK Bintulu, Sarawak

SMK Bintulu, Sarawak
Project Name: iRecycle
Team Name: Techie Monkey 
Team Members:

Darren Lee Hua Ee

Isaac Yong Wei Onn

Wendy Lim Yii Ann

Project Brief:  iRecycle is a multi-platform mobile app which acts as an intermediary between recycling centres and the public. It encourages users to recycle by making the recycling process simple and rewarding. Users can connect with recycling centres to arrange collection and at in doing so earn points and level-up in ranking on the leaders’ board. This app will change recycling practices in Malaysia and cultivate a sustainable green habit. 

SMK Aminuddin Baki, KL

SMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur
Project Name: SupaSlippers
Team Name: Star T.E.K.
Team Members:

Davin Chong Ming Juan

Dennis Chong Ming Jian

Louis Chan Zhi Qi

Project Brief:  SupaSlippers is a fall detection device that is designed to save lives. The device can be attached to any pair of footwear which is able to transmit SMS notification within 3-5 seconds via Bluetooth to caretaker’s mobile phone when the patient/wearer slips or falls. An early warning increases the chance of providing timely aid to the wearer.

SM La Salle, Sabah

SM La Salle, Kota Kinabalau, Sabah
Project Name: Fueler X
Team Name: VEGA
Team Members:

Ryan Anakin Chong Jia Wen

Elther Ethalbert

Ian Carter Hellyson

Project Brief:  Fueler X is a fuel pump system that converts seawater into fuel by using electrolysis and solar energy. This innovative solution can potentially replace fossil fuels with hydrogen gas.

SMK Lutong, Miri, Sarawak

SMK Lutong, Miri, Sarawak
Project Name: Fridget
Team Name: Static
Team Members:

Anisha Praveen Karunakaran

Daphne Binti Douglas

Liew Jia Wen

Project Brief:  Fridget is an automated fan cleaning system that is programmed to clean dust on condenser coils placed at the back of refrigerators. A clean condenser coil on a household refrigerator can reduce energy consumption by 30% and the Fridget does so by alerting home owners on when the coils are dirty to which home owners can trigger an automatic cleaning process.

SMK Putrajaya Presint 11

SMK Putrajaya Presint 11(1), Putrajaya
Project Name: Shower Water Saver
Team Name: Axomy
Team Members:

Syed Amir Alraif Bin Syed Alwi

Gietrich Noah Anak Grippin

Muhammad Alif Najmi Bin Mohd Firdaus

Project Brief:  Shower Water Saver system controls water usage during soaping and shampooing when taking a bath. Users control and pre-set the duration of the pause for the shower water flow upon dispensing soap or shampoo. Once the time is up, the shower will automatically turn on to allow users to complete their showering process.

SM Maktab Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

SMK Bintulu, Sarawak
Project Name: Smart Street Lights
Team Name: Orange Car
Team Members:

Andry Lin Haslan

Mohamad Syari’ifuddin ‘Irfan

Sharon Vianne Lazarus

Project Brief:  The Smart Street Lights system regulates the streetlights automatically. Using infra-red sensors, it may save electricity by activating street lights when it detects vehicles. The current street light system uses light detection and turns on when there is low surrounding light, even in the absence of road users. The project innovation is simple, whenever a vehicle passes a stretch of road, the street light above and in front of it will switch on. As the vehicle moves forward, the lights behind it will switch off hence effectively managing energy consumption.


  • Richard Kho – General Manager, East Operated, Shell Malaysia
  • Xiaowei Liu – Vice President, External Relations, Asia Pacific, Shell International
  • Sumitra Nair – Vice President, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation


  • Technical - 30%
  • Problem Solving - 30%
  • Learning Journey - 30%
  • Public Vote - 10%